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I present to you ... Jenick.

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I didn't like Nick in the house, but obviously he apologized. I like that they were friends first, and he didn't bend to Queen Daniele's demands and drop her while they were going out. But really, I just love that it's gotta piss Daniele and those little Danick fans off, so they get my approval.

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Because of the writer's strike,

Big Brother 9 will start on February 12, 2008!

From Morty's:

"It's the news you've been waiting for Big Brother fans. CBS announced today that Big Brother 9 will premiere on Tuesday, February 12 at 9pm ET/PT. Like past Big Brothers, Big Brother 9 will air three times a week, but unlike previous summer installments, this latest Big Brother will air Tuesdays (at 8pm), Wednesdays (at 9pm) and on Sundays (at 9pm). The Wednesday premiere will be February 13, and the Sunday premiere February 17. CBS also announced the premiere date for season 16 of Survivor. The long running reality series will debut Thursday, February 7 at its usual 8pm ET/PT time slot. No word on the location for Survivor 16.

Survivor 16's premiere date is no surprise, but there are sure to be some big announcements regarding the series soon. There have been rumors flying about for months that the next season of Survivor would be another all-star edition. Chances are this is the case. More rumors have stated that Survivor 16 would be staying in China because the Survivor team loved working on the current season so much. I doubt that rumor is true. Also, Jeff Probst's contract is up after Survivor 16 and it could be his last. "

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apparantly dani and nick have broken up. neither has admitted it, but that's what the rumors say. i know you guys must be so shocked.

eric and jess are still together though if anyone cares.

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Does anyone know of a torrent for the complete season? Or a website that has all of the highlights shows in separate torrents (or uploaded on MegaUpload or something)?

I knew I should have saved all of the episodes on my computer as they aired....dumb dumb dumb.
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it's a fact

Big Brother 9 Confirmed
By Sysop
November 9, 2007

In a conversation today with Robyn Kass of Kassting Inc the primary casting agency for Big Brother, it was confirmed that Big Brother will commence in February.

They are very busy at casting the show as I write this and Robyn asked me to pass on the word to get your applications in or contact her at her website,

I asked Robyn during our conversation if the Big Brother rumors were speculation or was there a basis in fact? Robyn replied "We are casting with the thought in mind that the house guests would move into the house during the first week of February.

I can not quote on the following, but my feelings are it will be a normal Big Brother, not a Celebrity Big Brother and it is a strong possiblility that the summer Big Brother will also take place.


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You may or may not know of the WGA Strike - all the writers of every tv show to ever exist in the history of ever are refusing to write until they got more $$$. This means a lot of scripted shows are not going to be airing in early 2008. Networks are resorting to shows that won't need writers.... ala REALITY TV. .... Big Brother IS reality TV and there's many reports that CBS is thinking of starting Big Brother a lot earlier and maybe do a celebrity version that's been rumored for a while.

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ISN'T THAT EXCITING?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

also hi how r u ^_^